Haikyuu!! Season 3 Episode 9 Subbed

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  • Tamago1

    They padded out this episode like never before and that is ruining the climax big time.

    • Abylay Alkeyev

      Agreed .But did they ever let us down on such matter as hype? No freaking way bro.

  • Insyirah Reyes

    This is a climax! *though I know what’s the end because of manga*

    • sharpinn

      That is why i dont read the manga yet while i can still control myself.. but after watching that ep.. i might have an 80% chance of reading it hahaha

    • Shila Magar

      which chapter in manga is this ep plz tell me i cant wait

  • Kallas

    Am I the only one who thinks coach ukai’s voice is realy weird in this episode ?

    Feel like they changed the voice actor.Realy didn’t like the change ;-(

    • Damurah Gami

      yea I think they changed the actor

      • Kallas

        Just informed myself on reddit,the previous voice actor died ;-( RIP.

        • Damurah Gami

          oh no, he had an amazing voice RIP

    • omar Π

      Voice Actor Kazunari Tanaka Has Passed Away

      • sharpinn

        Rip 😭

    • Nico

      You’re not alone. I actually had to pause the video and still process everything for minutes

  • katy kat

    i am a litre disappointed, I have waited so long for that episode I hope we will know the end but not at all, still suspense. The episode was quite good but I’d rather have a real end

  • Sophia


  • Sophia

    k these cliffhangers are just pissing me off at this point, just end the damn game already

  • sharpinn

    Chills all over my body after that ep it’s been 2mins and i still have it. That was thrilling!!! Go karasuno!!’ 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Crashing Waves

    Noooooo….. the ending help meeeeee… i can’t wait another week!!!!!!!!

    • Crashing Waves

      3 more days 15 more hours 19 minutes and 12 seconds to go on this desert island.

  • baylee-senpai

    /i just want to know who winsssss

  • Jazz Sahisa

    THE FREAKING ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Amora

    the endingggggggggggggggg 🙁

  • I’llthinkofonelater


  • ainsley harriott

    why does ukai-san have a new voice actor… sounds really bad

    • Alladin

      The voice actor died like 1 month ago..

  • GZB

    Does the voice actor for Karasuno’s coach change? He sounds different

    • Alladin

      The actor died like 1 month ago unfortunately.

  • Anu U

    Now I have to wait for another fucking weeek AAARGHH!!!!

  • GZB

    that cliff hanger was mean

  • emilyofnewmoon

    oh wow that was an intense way to end this episode. i’ve bitten almost all my nails off with anticipation HELP

  • blue_cookie

    2 days 18 hours 5 min 10 sec…man im dying
    the milk wants cookies c’mooooooon

  • Aswin Nayak

    God…..i really feel my life span shortening with this anime!!!